Diving in to a sea of wonder…let’s float together?

Welcome. Please feel free to leave your thoughts. I look forward to them!

 “It is in our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light.” Aristotle


4 thoughts on “Diving in to a sea of wonder…let’s float together?

  1. Ahhh……
    and so it begins!
    Diving deep once again toward your Life’s Purpose……. I applaud you, Rene’, for forging into this unknown, never ending, tethered cord. A cord that we are all connected to whether we like it or not….
    This will truly be a Wonderful, sometimes arduous, and definitely a life changing journey in the pursuit of you awakening to your inner Soul !
    What a Gift!
    I am proud to be able to watch as you walk along this your choosen path…. Just like a Be-‘U’-tiful flower, one petal at a time. Slowing unfolding into the next, one by one……. as each step you take….
    “This is your Open Diary!”……..
    Your Gift to yourself and to All who seek to find their Authentic self!
    “Let Your Heart Sing Out Loud for All to Hear!”…..
    I L💖ve You forever and always……XO


  2. Rene, I love you and so proud of you for pursuing your passion! I can’t wait to see where this journey leads you! And YES….you’ve already inspired me! Pour your heart out friend!


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